Manage your Test Automation requirements with 5W1H method

Describing the initial situation for your Quality Assurance

What is expected of you? Do not forget that, Your primary goal is defining, measuring and improving the quality of the software. Three major steps in the software testing process are planning, execution, and reporting.. You are responsible for working as expected applications.

5W1H is the abbreviation summarising the following six questions: What? Who? Where? When? Why? How? This method consists of asking a systematic set of questions to collect all the data necessary to draw up a report of the existing situation with the aim of identifying the true nature of the problem and describing the context precisely. That should be asked for every project! (5W1H) 

Below 5W1H method used as a quality problem-resolution support tool.

Questions & Answers

WHAT do you need?

All test processes managed with a single tool with less risk and less effort. Should also support Test Automation,  Manual Testing,  Android & iOS Mobile Testing, Web Testing API Middleware Testing and everything must be integrated.

WHO will use this tool?

All test team members and all other team members on projects.

WHERE do you want to use it?

Test Automation, Remote Device, Beta Testing, UAT Testing, Manual Testing

WHEN do you need this tool?

Getting fast visual feedback. Writing manual test cases and automating them. Finding more bugs. Having  a speedy and efficient process.

WHY do you need a Testing Tool?

Tool A is good on Manual Testing, Tool B is good on Automation, Tool C is good on Mobile Device Farm, Tool D is good but difficult to install and use, Tool E requires XScript knowledge, Tool F is the best but you can’t use tool F on your computer’s OS, Tool G is the best for Web, Tool H is free but installation & configuration will take 1 day for you and new joiners, Why you are using Tool I, just try J tool, Tool K has no test reporting abilities,  infinite loop .. I don’t have enough time anymore for researching & solving the problems in the existing solution that I use. Believe me, the letters in the alphabet are not enough. There is a critical need especially in mobile tests.

HOW can I use it?

All popular test automation frameworks and coding languages should be supported for Automation. Mobile, Web and API applications under testing should be supported. I want to use the tool on all Macbook / Windows / Linux OS, not limited. I want to use only Real Mobile Devices for mobile testing, not simulators / emulators. Creating codeless test scenarios should be perfect for some team members, but I want to write code when I want. I want to convert manual test cases to automated test cases when I need to. I want to do end-to-end cross testing. I want to run parallel tests with different browsers and real devices. Easy installation and usage needed. Actually I don’t want to install anything on my computer. Built-in tool integrations (JIRA, Jenkins, Slack, Mail, Git, AWS Device Farm,..), Built-in TestData (Database, CSV, Excel,..) integrations.

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